• Peking Acrobats at Chaoyang Theater in 2015!

    Back in 2013 we reviewd the Chaoyang Theatre and gave it a 7/10 points. But later on, as we have seen other acrobatic performances not just in other Chinese cities but all over the world. We have started to think otherwise, perhaps this acrobatic venue by the Peking Acrobats is much much more amazing than we could have ever imagined! After all the traveling, experience and looking for the best shows.. we simply could not find a competitor for this popular venue in Beijing.

    Now it's 2015 and the show has definitely turned a new leaf to top out and develop from where it first stood. In fact, for more than ten years or even more, this performance has continued to develop and reach new heights. But when we interviewed people about other shows in Shanghai for example, it sounded more like the acts and feats had stayed more or less the same. Providing a one time visit fro visitors, which usually is not bad at all. But if you want a circus venue that you can surely re-visit from time and time again.. then we only know one place and that's an old theater located at the Chaoyang district of Beijing.

    Our examination of the show scene in Beijing had come to a stunning discovery. When one just cannot find a competing theater anymore, within the vast show space in China. It's that time of the day, when we are just lost for words. We had no choice to go and watch this amazing show again.. and we were more stunned then before. We had grown in some way, and could appriciate more the funny Chinese feel that is combined with feats that continue to develop. All with strict accordinance to traditional standard, in the sense that safety roaps are not used and really the whole experience has been pushed to the ultimate limit.

    The point of the show, is to make the audience feel like a feat could not get any more better, dangerous and skillful. And that is really the most magic moment, when the acts explode into it's full potential. And to improve from that, take some balls. Indeed, the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe has our deepest respect for representing "Peking" in a way that the whole of China should be proud of.

    Still many Chinese are discovering these fantastic acrobats, and they have a lot of more work to do to become internationally recognised. But knowing that they have what it takes. Our Show China has all the confidence that they will! Check out Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing, three shows daily: 15:50, 17:30, 19:15. Subject to change so first check out the official website.

    Thanks & Enjoy the pictures!

    Peking Acrobats 1Peking Acrobats 2Peking Acrobats 3
    Peking Acrobats 4Peking Acrobats 5Peking Acrobats 6

    See you next time China Show fans! =)

  • What Makes a Good Show

    We often ask ourselves the question that many people who enjoy theatre performance should be asking in our opinion. And that is, what is it really that makes a good show. Without a doubt, there are so many shows in this world that not all of them can be equally good. That's why it has become a kind of "never ending" quest to look for the next best show. But the only way to achieve that, is by defining a good show to know what you are looking for. And not only that, one also needs to always be ready to broaden and expand that concept to keep up with the amazing trends.

    First of all, it needs to be a theatre production with some kinds of roots on it's foundation. No matter how we tried, we also find that those theatre productions that have at the least originated from old and traditional production companies are the ones that stand a chance. And then comes the revolutionary bit, which would be nothing without new generations creating something totally amazing and new.

    As a result, it's the mix of years in dedication to the roots and foundations of theatre culture.. as well as the added bonus of fresh vibrant ideas from new comers. We have seen to many productions making the mistakes of either starting to fresh, or simply getting stuck to old concepts.

    With years of watching over the scene in many parts of the world, including China and America. We can say with confident that this very combination has become the only essense that has won our hears and minds. And that doesn't go without saying, that one day an exception will surface to the nightlife in some country. Perhaps China, who knows. We must keep our ideas open in all sides and aspects of the arts we love so much.

    Have a great day everyone, today we were feeling inspired!

    Show China Staff

  • Beijing Opera Theatre at Huguang Guild Hall

    Sometimes in China you have quite some difficulties with choosing which performance to go and see. The abundance is not just in theatres, but in the variety of acts. But as always, we recommend something that has educational value in it too. And such is, the magical performing arts of Peking Opera.

    Huguang Guild Hall

    This style of venue in Beijing, also has various theaters. Previously we did a review on Liyuan Theatre, which while is one of our favorites.. every theatre has their own style, for which you cannot say that one is best or better than the other. Most of the time, they are all worth it. How can you be mistaken in one of the oldest forms of art in the whole of China!

    Just recetly, we ventured into another wonderful Peking Opera Theatre venue in the heart of Xuanwu District which of course, is no longer called that.. since the days opera first started blooming there. Now called the Xicheng District this area boasts several such magnificent buildings that are simply overflowing with non other than, culture! These beautiful performances, of the art of peking opera are not only entertaining, but they take you on a journey. Filled with culture and exitement!

    This time our recommendation is what is known as Huguang Guild Hall. This venue is different in that it is more concentrated on dancing and singing. They are not trying to please the audience too hard, but want to bring out stuff that is popular amongst real fans of the art. For that reason it is not for everyone, the casual tourist who wants to see an acrobatic show. It is for those, who are interested in learning the true faces of such performance. Here the play is surely at it's most authentic.

  • Kung Fu Excellence in The City of Beijing

    This is not just Kung Fu at it's best, but modern Chinese theatre at it's best. A beautiful blend of dancing, ballet as well as intense fight scenes is available at the Red Theatre performance stage in Beijing.

    For those not yet familiar with the art, I want to stress that Kung Fu is a mix of ancient Chinese martial arts. At the Red Theatre you can witness some extraordinary traits of this old Chinese tradition. The Show itself, known as "The Legend of Kung Fu Show".. dates back to 2004 when it slowly kicked off. Ever since the legend has been improved to become another legend of it's own.

    The fame has reached wide corners of the world, however all true kung fu fans flock to Beijing in order to see the show in it's most original form.

    See directions here and go to see it before it's too late! The show is extremely popular and tickets do get sold out very fast. Therefore advanced reservation is highly recommended.

  • The House of Dancing Water in Macau

    I wanted to talk about a show that has fascinated me for a long time already, yet I never got the time to visit. It's the "The House of Dancing Water" show in Magau. It's one of those productions, where if you put enough money power to find skillful directors and staff.. you can make a show that will shock everyone. In a positive way of course.

    Macau is a great place, but there is not that much things to do. For that reason The House of Dancing Water is definitely a life saver if your not into casinos or strip bars.. :)

    So basically the concept is a large swimming pool with a "movie set" built on top of it. The actors climb on it, jump from it.. there are light effects, smoke effects.. actually when you hear about it, it doesn't sound that great at all. But when you see it, you cannot help but be amazed at it.

    I can imagine that doing this show every day must be extremely exhausting.. there must be a huge amount of staff available. If jumping down from 20meters if your thing, who knows they might be looking for new staff!

  • New Shanghai Nightlife Guide

    A recent addition to the growing variety of nightlife guides to Shanghai has been spotted! The concept, known as Show Shanghai is a collaboration between experienced tour guides that want to bring good quality to tourists. Besides introducing "buzzing" nightlife venues the purpose of the website is to provide convenient ticket online booking.

    The concept was brought about when they discovered that it is difficult for tourists to book tickets to theatres. Especially knowadays with all the budgest and tight schedules, it is important to be able to make sure the availability of your seats before tourists venture out to their holidays in China.

    According to Show Shanghai, the most popular venue is the Shanghai Circus World, which will be the first show highlight featured on the website. The site is expected to be in full order by next month, known as the service that Shanghai visitors are graving for!

    You can read more about them on their website at

    We hope to hear more from them soon!

  • Introduction to Peking Opera at the Liyuan Theatre in Beijing

    It's been a while, but at last Show China is proud to introduce to you the Beijing fame of traditional, but funny and downright outrageous Peking Opera! If you are on your way to the big capital of the red China, please do not miss the Liyuan Theatre venue. Most visitors have no idea what to expect when it comes to Opera performance in China. Many are mislead to think of somekind of European fusion which could not be further from the truth!

    The Chinese cousin of Opera has even longer roots than Mao himself. In fact the art has gone through some tough times but still remains to stay popular within the common population. The acts are colorful and outstanding. What strikes the most is the humour contained within the strict, vigorous performance. Yes, you CAN expect tradition as well as good laughs. Especialy at the Liyuan Theatre the performance is designed to entertain so everyone from every corner of the world can enjoy.

    Other than that, it's a performance that needs to be experienced to fully explain itself, especially if you are not closely familiar with Asian performing arts. In the mean while check out some pictures from the act. And visit the Liyuan Theatre website for more information!

    Liyuan Theatre Character

    Liyuan Theatre Act

    Liyuan Theatre Action

    Liyuan Theatre Performance

  • Show China Review of The "Chaoyang Theatre" Acrobatics

    Chaoyang Theatre

    As promised I am featuring some show nightlife for your guys. Well, I was doing research on Chinese acrobatics and no matter where I look one name pops up constantly! It's the famous Flying Acrobatic Show that's shown in the capital, Beijing. So there was only one thing left to do, reserve my tickets from Chaoyang Theatre and hop on a bullet train towards Beijing.

    Chaoyang Theatre 1

    Once I entered the theatre building, I saw huge flocks of tourists crowd in and around the facilities. At that moment I thought that wow, this is what the buzz is about. So, I grabbed my tickets and entered the building. The theatre itself was rather old and charming, nothing spectacular but something you could imagine from a society filled with traces of held back modernization, still very evident. Surrounding area however is the highly developed, business district in Chaoyang. Next to the high-rise glass buildings, Chaoyang Theatre brings a nice contrast to the area. Knowing how fanatic the Beijingers are in destroying old buildings, makes me wonder how long will this one stand.

    Chaoyang Theatre 2

    The show itself was nothing spectacular either. It was fun and vibrant, but did not stand up to it's name as one of the most famous acrobatic shows in China. In fact I am starting to doubt the reality of this claim. Shown twice daily, I cant help thinking that this is just a tourist trap. Perhaps if you rate it amongst other overly touristic venues, the Chaoyang Acrobatics would rate very well indeed.

    Before you get your hopes down, I would like to note that the crowd went wild. Especially in the last scene where several motor cycles drive around a steal cage with the lights off. Looking at the reaction and the reviews on tripadvisor, this acrobatic show in beijing is definitely a hit , not only before the show but afterwards as well! So perhaps you'll love it. I for one look for theatre performances that are more exquisite.

    My rating for Chaoyang Theatre is 7/10. Which is not bad!

  • Tianjin Born Zhao Ruheng Was The Star of National Ballet


    The 1944 born National Ballet star "Zhao Ruheng" had her career ended during the cultural revolution. A foot injury cause her to be unable to dance and move properly. However in '93 she was elected as the Artistic Direct of the National Ballet Institution and was working at the position until 2009. Furthermore she has worked as the jury in many international ballet competitions.

    Her career started at 11 years of age from the Beijing Dance Academy. Back then she had not yet found her passion in ballet but the treatment of young ballerinas was special. Government would pay all their expenses and in return they would perform for the leaders of the communist party at various events and venues.

    It turned out that she was an extremely gifted dancer which is why she ended up in most star performances and even leading women roles. From there here career was destined to join the national ballet after her graduation in 1961.

    During the cultural revolution the performers were sent to spread the message of the communist party to farms and factories all over China. Despite the harsh environment, they had to fight hard to perform in these conditions. Sometimes without shoes or a proper stage, eventually this lead to her injury and ended the career. She stopped dancing and became a teacher instead.

  • The Formation of Ballet in China


    The dance entertainment scene has flourished in China since its 3000 year reach back. Despite the long history, ballet reached the Chinese mainland in the beginning of 90's at the most western influenced city in China, Shanghai.

    Then Russian nationals living in the city opened a ballet school and organized performances where allowed. In that time the most famous ballet student was the world famous Margot Fontey from Great Britain. She lived in Shanghai because of her father was a businessman, she went to the ballet classes held by the Russians.

    As the peoples republic of China was formed, Russian ballet groups started to flock to China and spread the the name to the Chinese. The Beijing Dance Academy was the first school of its kind, founded in 1954. The school was first run by Pjotr Gusev, who significantly shaped the style of todays modern day Chinese ballet. Russians also had a major influence at the later formed Shanghai Dance Academy.

    The performance that finally gave ballet its renowned status in China was when the swan lake ballet. As the relationship between China and the Soviet Union started to worsen, the Russians left the country and Chinese ballet to its own destiny.


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